2018 and new Projects

We hope your Christmas went well and your new year was safe and good. At Camp Stone Company 2018, is going to be fantastic. We have a new thin stone saw we have purchased and are getting ready to put it into production. We will be able to cut flagstone, moss rock, Quartzite products and just [...]

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Camp-Stone 2017

2016 has come and gone with a bang. It seems that the older we get the faster the years go by. I refuse to tell everyone my age, but lets just say I am no spring chicken anymore. They say the silver years are the best time in anyone's life, so we will see. 2017 [...]

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Natural Stone, Westminster

Well, its starting to look a lot like Christmas.Well the warmer air has finally gone and I think old man winter is creeping up on us. I hope that you have had a good Thanksgiving and are getting ready for the holiday. Stay tuned here! After the holidays for some new products we are going [...]

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2014 Flagstone Contest Winner

Ah, another happy customer! Well, this gentleman won a ton of red flagstone, in our annual win a ton of red random flagstone contest!  He recently picked it up. I am happy to have made another happy customer. Unfortunately, when these two shots were taken I forgot to get his name written down. For that [...]

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Sale Flag Stepping Stones

we have just received a new shipment of some really nice Colorado Buff flagstone (stepping stone size). all the pieces on the pallet are ranging from 1 to 2.5 square foot per stone. for the time being we will be having a sale on them at $ 250.00 per ton while the supply's last. we [...]

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Flagstone Made Easy

Flagstone is a portion of thin, level natural stone excavated from deposits throughout the world. Flagstone pavers are made from limestone, slate, bluestone, sandstone, quartzite and similar natural stone. You can find flagstone in a variety of colors like reds, blues and browns. There are many shades of these colors as well as some grays [...]

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