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Sand and Gravel

Full Veneer

Thin Veneer

Pennsylvania Bluestone

Colorado Red Squares

SALE – SAVE – We currently have an overstock of 18″x24″ Colorado Red Squares. Call for pricing. We have approximately 300 pieces available.

New Arrivals

Back this year is Sonoran Gold. We have not carried this flag in a few years because of various reasons. But the quarry is under new management and the stone is coming out fantastic. It is a buff color with a small tint of gold to it. We have it in large select pieces to chose from. Stop in and check it out

Buffer Colored Drywall

$75 a ton while supplies last


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  1. Dennis July 23, 2017 at 7:41 pm - Reply

    Hi I was wondering what it would cost for small river rock or gravel enough to cover 40 long by 10ft wide and 3 to 4 ” deep delivered to Lakewood? Thanks Dennis

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